Southlake vs Coppell for the D2 Championships 6/10/07, Southlake wins 15-10

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DSCF9141 DSCF9142 DSCF9143 DSCF9144 DSCF9145 DSCF9146 DSCF9148 DSCF9149 DSCF9150 DSCF9151 DSCF9152 DSCF9155 DSCF9156 DSCF9157 DSCF9158 DSCF9159 DSCF9161 DSCF9162 DSCF9163 DSCF9164 DSCF9166 DSCF9168 DSCF9169 DSCF9174 DSCF9175 DSCF9177 DSCF9178 DSCF9179 DSCF9180 DSCF9181 DSCF9183 DSCF9184
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